Chasing the Phantom

The Three Snow Leopards
Mt Everest  (Chomolungma - Mother Goddess of the World)  At Dawn
The Norwegian Base Camp at Everest in 1985 at the foot of the Kumbu Icefall
The South Face of Ama Dablam with Tangboche Monastery on the Ridge Below

The Village of Rumbak in Ladakh. The power lines feed from a generator that runs for a few hours every evening. The generator and the single sat phone, both of which the village received in 2009, have made life a little easier. When a village elder was severely injured that year, a call on the phone promptly brought a military helicopter that rushed him to the hospital in Leh.

Ladakh has something like one hundredth of the population density of Nepal, but there are almost as many Indian military stationed in Ladakh as there are natives because of the area's strategic importance. The Indian government seems to make a positive effort to maintain good relations with the Ladakhis by supplying infrastructure – and Indian troops stationed there seem to be extremely polite as well. Even when I was once arrested there for being in a restricted area, they were very cordial towards me.

There is no indoor plumbing in Rumkak however, which makes this irrigation trench the village gathering place.

Same place – washing the barley
Padme in her kitchen
Padme's very tough dad – he was in the Indian military for 30 years
A Rumbak village elder
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