Chasing the Phantom

Eduard Fischer, born in Vienna, Austria, is a writer, photographer, mountaineer, backcountry skier, rock climber, and lifelong traveler. By the time he was sixteen he had logged thousands of miles hitchhiking across Canada where he grew up. His past occupations include cab driver, bike courier, construction worker, coastal seaman, beachcomber, horse guide, yacht broker, climbing instructor, rigger, movie stunt double, product designer, graphic artist, technical writer, and sculptor. Eduard has co-founded and managed several businesses including the well-known Edge Climbing Centre in North Vancouver, one of the first large scale climbing gyms in North America. In 1997 Eduard was an official nominee for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year.

Eduard has long had an interest in comparative religion and philosophy. Beginning at age eleven he has had sojourns at a Benedictine cloister in Canada, a Zen monastery in Japan, and an ashram in India. When not traveling he lives with his wife and partner in adventure, Helen Habgood, in Squamish, BC.


Photo by Helen Habgood November 7, 2012, on Peanut Brittle, Red Rocks NV